You Have a New Unique Address Thanks to What3Words

There are thousands of people living in unaddressed homes and millions of amazing places without names. Chris Sheldrick realized the struggle when he was working in a music business and was constantly dealing with equipment being lost or musicians arriving to wrong locations.


How it Works

He and his team make it possible to navigate around the globe using 3 simple worlds. Anywhere on Earth. What3words uses a special algorithm that takes complex GPS coordinates and turns them into comprehensible 3-words addresses, such as fetches.valid.talking.


With the entire world divided into 3-meter squares and up to 57 trillion areas, there are enough combinations to give each location a unique, memorable address. Using up to 40.000 words, it is easier than ever to find your lost friend in a large crowd, navigate an ambulance to the accident location or even send aid to disaster zones.

The system is translated into more than 14 languages, offering anyone on earth the possibility to find their way around.


Would you like to learn more about my what3words? You can find more information on their Facebook page or website.