1Coach Wearable Device Trains Runners into Running Like a Pro

  • 1Coach gives audio feedback and creates individual workout plans.
  • Measures pace, contact time, knee loading, knee stability and more.
  • 1Coach crowdfunded almost €100K

Regular running is considered the ideal exercise for a good health and positive energy. In fact, recreational running has a long history. The very first event of the first Olympic games was a foot race, dating back to 776 B.C. But in the last decade, the popularity of running increased rapidly.

However, around 50% of long-distance runners have experienced a running-related injury, with the knee being injured the most. Novice runners seem to be even more vulnerable to a running-related injury, often due to training errors or simply a lack of experience.

1Coach Provides Audio Feedback to Help Avoid Injuries

Developed by Sensfusion team, 1Coach is a wearable device that can be mounted on various body parts. It is designed to coach runners to improve their results and correct their form, just like a real coach would. The device provides runners with real-time voice feedback and tells them to e.g. strengthen their backs.

Designed to help runners avoid injuries, 1Coach first evaluates the runner’s overall body condition. While running, it tracks various metrics and provides recommendations on improving one’s form. After the workout, the device evaluates the runner’s performance and creates a personalized workout program.

Personalized Workout Recommendations

The 1Coach tool provides real-time analysis of users running performance. It measures pace, contact time, knee loading and knee stability. Runners can then check out their results in the dedicated app together with a personalized suggestion for the future workouts. The 1Coach app is available for Android or iOS devices.

The 1Coach device comes with straps that are waterproof according to the IP67 rating. There are also sensors that sport 45mAh battery capacity providing 5 hours of working time. The standard pack includes 4 straps and 2 sensors while the pro pack comes with an extra waist clip allowing to measure also pelvic motions.

The Sensfusion Team

The 1Coach device is developed by the Sensfusion team consisting of computer as well as biomechanical engineers, who also happen to be avid runners. Sensfusion worked together with runner’s lab that gathered data from over 70 million runners over 35 years.

The company launched their crowdfunding campaign both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Both times, they exceeded their funding goal and raised together almost 100,000 euros.

The founders promise that the AI-powered engine built into the device will understand and train the runners like a real coach. Hopefully, 1Coach won’t be another device that just tracks numbers but can also encourage runners to take care of their health over the long run.

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