Nano Cure Tent is The Impenetrable Tent that Can Repair Itself

Never worry about repairing your tent with duck tape again while out camping. Discover the Nano cure tent that has the ability to self repair small holes and lacerations with just the touch of your fingers.

Be Prepared for the Worst

What could be worse than getting ready for a camping trip and right as you are setting up your tent you notice a little hole on the side. What if there is downpour rain that night and your cozy tent becomes a great storage tank for water?

Imperial Motion, the creators of the Nano Cure Tent have solved this problem by creating a one of a kind tent which is able to self heal after a laceration to the tent. One thing to mention, it isn’t advised to get scissors and trying to test your new tent out, it only works for small lacerations and punctures.


Material Made to Last

The tent is made out of durable nylon material which makes it lightweight, water resistant, and with additional re-sealing and repairing capabilities. But how is this possible?

Nylon is naturally durable, but when combined with a double sided coating, then with the heat coming from your fingers, small holes and punctures can be instantly repaired.

Yes! Just the heat from your fingers will repair the small laceration. The fibers from the nylon can also stop and create extra protection and support around the laceration.


According to Imperial Motion, anyone can set it up quickly and easily under 3 minutes. Furthermore, Imperial motion, made taking down the tent a breeze and designed to put it easily back in the bag. The tent has zipp off ventilated windows to stay chill in those hot summer nights. And lastly, the tent is easy to carry weighing in only 3.6 kg!


The creator, of the Nano Cure Tent started their active lifestyle brand in Tacoma, Washington. The creators are avid campers and travelers and are motivated in designing products for the outdoors. Their products include backpacks, hammocks, jackets, and blankets for all your camping necessities.

For more information check out their website or Facebook page.


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