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The AI-Powered Suitcase Ovis Follows You Anywhere

ForwardX has innovated a new way of traveling that offers hands-free and worry-free experience. The company has created the first vision powered suitcase that travels by your side.


Forget About Dragging Your Luggage Around the Airport

ForwardX has created the first vision-powered suitcase that travels by your side offering a hands-free and worry-free travel experience. Ovis suitcases incorporate computer vision technology, visual simultaneous location mapping (VSLAM), and artificial neural network algorithms, so the suitcase can follow the traveler with ease. Their vision is clear:

Build the most intelligent and intuitive robotics that
enhance people’s lives.

How it Works

The Ovis suitcase has the ability to not only see the following surroundings but also comprehend what it is seeing. Additionally, ForwardX’ technology is far more advanced due to the fact that the suitcase is not only travelling behind you but, right at the travellers side. Making so travellers don’t have to be constantly looking over their shoulder just to see their luggage.


ForwardX created an obstacle avoidance algorithm based on self-driving technology. This algorithm placed in Ovis has the ability to scan the environmental surroundings, calculate the distance, and measure the direction and route to avoid possible obstacles, with a deviation precision of +/- 1cm.

Going Through TSA with Ovis Is a Piece of Cake

Many smart suitcases face the problem of going through TSA because of the high amplitude batteries the companies install in the luggage. But with Ovis, this is no problem for the traveler. Just with a press of a button, the battery pops out then after going through security can be easily placed back into the luggage to continue your hands-free travel experience.


Bonus Features

Ovis suitcase has additional bonus features other than being able to self-drive itself. The wheels operate quitter and smoother than traditional wheels and the rear-wheel drive clocks in a speed of 3m/s. No need to look for outlets at the airport for your dying phone. Ovis suitcase comes with a charging port for your electronic devices.

Additionally, with the Ovis App owners are able to see how much their luggage weighs by a system of complex mathematical equations relating to how hard the motor is working. So you no longer have to put on five T-shirts if your bag is too heavy.

Also, there is an anti-lost smart alarm in case travelers get distracted or stray from their luggage. The smartband will vibrate the second that your Ovis is more than 2 meters away from the owner. Lastly, travelers can cut all motor power and engage manual mode by simply grabbing the handle.

Who Is the Brains Behind Ovis?

Founder of ForwardX, Nicholas Chee, launched the company in 2016 after working as a SaaS product Head at Oracle. The company is now backed by CDH Investments, Eastern Bell Venture Capital, and Angel Around for their innovative products. Ovis is in the last stage of funding and the suitcases will be ready for release in December 2018.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.



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