EARTH: An Immersive AR Model of Our Planet

  • EARTH is an immersive 3D model of our planet.
  • AR-enabled app allows users to explore Earth.
  • It is scaled at 1:106,300,000 of our planet’s size.

Developed by AstroReality, a startup based in San Francisco, California, EARTH is a 3D-printed globe that takes users through time to explore our planet. The hand-painted model of the Earth connects with the corresponding app for an AI-driven augmented reality experience.

Scaled at 1:106,300,000 of our planet’s size, the model is made with eco-friendly paint and an extremely precise 3D printing process. This allows users to view the surface details of the Earth with incredible detail.

Immersive Learning

EARTH’s iOS and Android app has a variety of features available for exploring our planet and its changes over time. It displays information on the categories of animals, plants, geology, environment, humanities, and meteorology. The app also displays visualization of topics like texture maps, point maps, cloud atlases, heat maps, and more.

Users of EARTH can explore the migrations of animals past and present, discover the formation and evolution of our physical planet, and gain knowledge on the world’s weather systems.

Users can explore the EARTH model with their hands while using smart voice technology to direct the AstroReality app. The app, which also includes access to a separately-sold moon exploration experience, allows users to discover a wealth of information about the Earth. This knowledge was developed by researchers from around the world.

Moving Forward

AstroReality, the company behind EARTH, is passionate about using innovative technology to revolutionize the way that people interact with science.

EARTH reached its funding goal on Kickstarter within just 2 hours of its launch. They hope to reach a variety of customers, from schools who want to give their students a new way to learn, to everyday knowledge-seekers, enthusiasts, and model collectors.

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