Go Back to Basics with Light Phone 2

  • Light Phone 2 lets users to take phone calls, store contacts, and send texts.
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE, Wifi, GPS
  • The creators didn’t add features such as e-mail, social media, advertising, and news.

Technology company Light has introduced the successor to their original Light Phone by creating the Light Phone 2. The focus of the phone remains the same, to encourage users to ‘go light’ by spending less time on their smartphones, and more time doing things they want to, without the distraction of hyper-connectivity.

Light Phone 2 gif showing how to send messages.
Users can dial a phone number, bring up a speed dial or contact and send quick messages.

Simplicity and ease of use lies at the heart of the Light Phone 2, with its main features being able to take phone calls, store speed dials and contacts, and send simple messages. Some extra features such as an alarm clock or a ride-share partnership can be implemented if the users wishes to.

The black and white matte screen is one of the most notable changes to the original Light Phone. This makes the screen more visible while outdoors and is energy efficient.

Disconnect in a World of Connectivity

The operating system of smartphones has become more confusing in recent years, with countless different apps adding yet more layers of complexity to the world of phones, sometimes to the detriment of usability. The Light Phone’s OS only uses a few carefully selected tools which provide users with the essentials like calls and messages.

The distinct lack of social media opportunities on the Light Phone is a deliberate ploy to encourage users to disconnect from social media channels, and to experience the world around them more.

Ligh Phone 2 gif showing that two new button have been added since its predecessor.
The creators added larger microphone and speaker, USB-C, proximity sensor and the up and down buttons.

The creators of the Light Phone do, however, hope to introduce Bluetooth to the device, if they are able to reach their stretch goal.

When used as a ‘second phone’, the Light Phone 2 can be integrated into your lifestyle in a number of ways. Calls can be forwarded from a smartphone to the Light Phone 2, or you can leave an auto-reply message on your smartphone. If your network carrier supports it, then you can also get a duplicate SIM. However, in many cases, it is not possible to maintain a primary phone number for a smartphone and a Light Phone 2, and would therefore require an extra SIM.

The Light Phone 2 will begin shipping by April 2019, one year on from the completion of the campaign.

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