Laïka Keeps an Eye on Your Dog While You Are Not There

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your dog if you are a full-time worker. Thanks to Laïka, dog owners can rest assured their pups always have someone to play with.

Dog owners are becoming more and more concerned with well-being of their dogs. As well, many anxious dogs await the return of their owner from a typical 8 hour work day. Leaving and trapping your best friend behind for that long could be a problematic situation. These hours left alone can be disastrous not only for the balance of the dog, but also the furniture.

Additionally, constantly leaving your four-legged friend home can lead to an array of disorders. These include anxiety, panic, abandonment issues, which are all factors that can lead to harmful animal behaviors.

Laïka Rewards Your Furry Friend with Treats

Is your dog ruining your favorite pair of shoes while you’re away at work? Well, the robotic dog toy Laïka can monitor the dog as well as reward him if he does a good deed. Like if he decides not to chew up your favorite shoe but the bone right next to them.

Laïka is a robotic companion for your four-legged friend. It can be controlled manually or remotely via the smartphone app. It is equipped with a microphone, speaker, and allows to have a live video of the dog’s presence for the owner’s optimal interaction.

Laïka also features a small tracker on the dog’s collar which allows Laïka to move autonomously towards the animal and locate its activity. As well, if owners want to see their best friend jumping up and down, they are able to stimulate and catch their dog’s attention by giving them a treat via the treat launcher. Lastly, Laïka is able to detect the dog’s repeated barking and alert its owner via smartphone.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Love of Dogs into Careers

One of the co-founders, Thomas, came up with the idea while at the dog pound adopting his dog Kimi. He learned after adopting Kimi that she suffered abandonment issues with her past owner. When he would leave for work he would come back to a destroyed home.

Thomas wanted to find a way to interact with her throughout the day even when he was not physically around her. The idea of the interactive robot companion was born. The leading ambition of CamToy is currently to “improve the daily life of domestic animals and consequently to reduce masters guilt for leaving their pets alone.”

By October 2018 CamToy will start the production of the Laïka robotic dog toy and by December, Laïka will start getting delivered to homes of eager dogs and dog owners. If you’d like to pre-order Laïka, you can do so on the CamToy’s Indiegogo campaign.

Home Gadgets Laïka Keeps an Eye on Your Dog While You Are Not There

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