GameBuddy: The Tinder for Gamers

Modern video games have become very team-oriented, so finding suitable players has become crucial to the success of the game. The Bremen startup GameBuddy has therefore developed an app with which you can easily find suitable teammates.

Are you tired of playing your favorite video games alone and not being able to share the enjoyment of the game with another player? Or do like playing multiplayer games but can’t find the right people to play with online? Then GameBuddy may be the perfect option for you.

The startup GameBuddy connects video game players around the globe. They have built a social network platform specifically for gamers helping them find perfectly fitting teammates. As well, they encourage users to stay in contact with their gaming friends.


Many video games rely on teamwork, but finding the right teammates can be difficult. Whether it is League of Legends, Fortnite or Counter Strike, many popular video games can or must be played together with others to be victorious in the end. Teamwork is needed, which is often difficult if you do not know the players or can not communicate properly with them.

GameBuddy App Connects You With Other Gamers

The startup GameBuddy wants to connect other players in a easy manner through a social networking platform. So anyone who plays a video game can find other players who match their style of play.

Niklas Hatje, Julian Suttner and Cedric Deege, three students of the Hochschule Bremen, have developed an algorithm that is based on popular dating services. So gamers get proposed a player who corresponds to their style of play and speaks the same language. After the game, the players can rate each other to further improve the algorithm.

Share Your Success

As with other social networks, GameBuddy also allows newfound friends to share their success and special moments in the game. So far, there is GameBuddy for the MOBA League of Legends. For other games, the application is planned. Furthermore, the founders want to publish a separate app for each title, which adapts with their design to the game.

Can GameBuddy Eliminate Toxic Online Communities?

The three founders got the idea for the startup due to some negative experiences they had encountered in games like League of Legends. A small mistake in a game can often lead to an opponent beginning insulted by his teammates. But, if the players are at a similar level or have played together a few times, the toxic culture that prevails in some games will also decrease. We hope that they are right with this assessment.

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