Gives Your Preloved Things a Second Chance

  •     Platform for selling and buying second hand, vintage and handmade items
  •     Expansion to Switzerland and Austria in 2019
  •     Lower selling fees than eBay

Is your wardrobe piled up with clothes, but you still have nothing to wear? Or do you have tons of unused things laying around, but don’t want to just throw them away? According to LA Times, there are more than 300,000 items in the average American home. Nonetheless, we keep buying more than we are actually able to consume.

For those who want to give their preloved things a second chance, the Berlin-based startup lets everyone re-sell them in an easy and safe manner. The two founders, Stefan Tietze and Oliver Kaiser, realized that the existing platforms for selling second hand goods are just not user friendly. eBay has already gave up on its auction model and sells more than 85% of brand new products. The founders saw the opportunity and built a platform that bridges this gap. Brings an eCommerce Experience to Second Hand Market connect sellers and buyers in a convenient way. Sellers can advertise their goods in a few simple steps, taking photos right from their mobile devices. The iOS and Android apps also suggest how to best sell the product and how to make appealing pictures.

The cornerstone of, however, is the service. If interested, sellers can use packing and delivery services and with integrated logistics, users know where their package is at all times.

We aim to become the No. 1 marketplace for anyone wanting to sell their pre-loved goods in a safe, secure and hassle free way.

– Andrej Guráň, CTO at

“The initial idea is that the whole Germany is your market,” explained Andrej Guráň. It means, whenever users are selling or buying something, they’re doing so from everybody in the whole Germany. They can sell anything that is shippable, from TV and tires to bicycles and washing machines. Recently, the startup launched a local pick up, allowing users to buy furniture or even a car.

Safety First

The founders realize how complicated and vulnerable to fraud their competitors are. To prevent malicious practice, each user with monthly turnover bigger than 100 euros has to verify their identity using their personal ID. To lower the risk for buyers too, keeps the funds until the customer confirms that the package has arrived.

What’s more, charges lower selling fees than eBay, just about a 2.5% of the selling price. They are also cooperating with companies interested in buying used items. For example, those firms are buying used iPhones, refurbish them and upload to the platform again.

In 2019, is planning to expand to Austria and Switzerland, giving more owners a chance to give their preloved things a new home. to Provide Private and Secure In-Home Deliveries with AR/VR

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