e·pilot Aims to Turn Any Energy Provider Into an E-Commerce Powerhouse

e·pilot is a German startup providing cloud-based solution that accompanies energy providers on a journey to digitization. They aim to bring together every player in the energy market to the end customer.

e·pilot Helps Energy Providers Enter the Digital World

The world is full of bright minds developing various high-end products in order to make our lives easier. Energy businesses are no exception. Although they’ve been in the business for a long time, they often neglect the most important business element—the end customer. They often face higher competition, lower margins, and other issues, but struggle to move forward.

Today the software landscape in the energy business is outdated, highly fragmented and inefficient. Current solutions don’t focus on the end customer or are highly specialized and overwhelm their users.

e·pilot is a German startup combining expertise in the areas of IT, sales, energy markets, and digitization. The company aims to completely digitize the commercialization, control, and processing of energy products. They promise to accompany their clients on the journey towards digitization.

How it Works

The startup builds a cloud-based solution for energy providers that makes the end customer journey enjoyable and efficient. They made sure all the right parties are involved by building a large network of specialists. However, they didn’t stop at the buy button but optimized the end customer experience throughout the entire process.

The startup was founded by three partners: Michel Nicolai, the CEO of e·pilot, Swiss IT firm AXON IVY AG and the investment and consulting company ATV Energie GmbH.

They started to build their product in February 2018 and shipped it by the end of April same year. Two months later, they already acquired 15 energy providers as their customers. “It’s all about shipping really soon, measuring and iterating,” said Szilard Toth, the CTO of e·pilot, during his pitch at Ecosummit Berlin 2018.

All Products in One Cloud

The startup offers a constantly expanding partner network of developers, marketers, startups and much more. They connect all parties via Linkedin of XING giving customers immediate access to a large pool of potential partners.

“e·pilot enables utilities to offer an exciting e-commerce experience to their customers, and to manage the complete sales process from lead generation to billing across their entire product line,” explains Michel Nicolai.

Company Mission

Today, e·pilot helps to market, sell, fulfill and operate energy products with the only goal: “To bring transparency and efficiency to the energy world and to become the underlying ecosystem of this market.”

e·pilot is on a mission to bring together every player in the energy market. From energy providers over fulfillment partners and manufacturers to end customers.

–Michel Nicolai

For more details, check out the company website.

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This article is also available in: deDeutsch (German)