How MYFLYRIGHT Helps Passengers Enforce Customer Claims


  • MYFLYRIGHT is a startup that helps passengers acknowledge their rights when dealing with airlines.
  • Passengers can save money by getting the support they need.
  • MYFLYRIGHT will provide the legislative capability and encouragement for passengers.

Over the years, the number of passengers who constantly fly to their destinations have increased. On top of that, the number of problems that arise when dealing with airlines have significantly escalated as well. Passengers lack the confidence and support they need, in order for them to succeed their fight against airlines.

Originated in Hamburg, Germany, MYFLYRIGHT is a company that gives service specifically for passengers that struggle with airline customer service. 8 million people are considered eligible for compensation, but less than 2% are aware of their rights. Due to the fact that many passengers are not aware of their rights, MYFLYRIGHT helps them acknowledge them.

Under the European law called EC 261, passengers can receive up to 600€ when they experience delays, cancellations, denied boardings, etc.. For example, a passenger who checked their flight on time, but have arrived to their destination more than 3 hours later due to the airline’s account, can be reimbursed the money. A delay that goes over 5 hours gives passengers the right to full or partial refund of the original price ticket.

How it Works

As mentioned earlier, customer service is difficult to deal with and it can encourage many passengers to give up. Unlike many airline customer service, MYFLYRIGHT satisfies the needs of the passengers.

The company will review all cases for free and cover the expenses required from lawyers, courts, etc.. Simply put, passengers are not expected to pay any fees when they partner with MYFLYRIGHT.

In the case of direct acquisition of your claim, MYFLYRIGHT will transfer the compensation amount less their commission allowance (35% plus statutory VAT) within 24 hours. In all other cases, they will transfer the compensation amount after the successful outcome less their commission allowance (25% plus statutory VAT) to your bank or PayPal account.

Additionally, MYFLYRIGHT will offer tools for passengers that need more assistance. They will provide the legislative capability, encouragement, and other important tools to properly go against airlines. At the end, passengers can finally receive their compensation between 4 to 10 weeks.


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