Crunchr: Improving Your Business Performance with Employee Data

Workforce analytics is not an entirely new concept, but it’s gaining a lot of momentum lately.  The combination of HR and new technology has been shining a (very bright) light on how employee performances can improve your overall business.

Crunchr, a start-up based in Amsterdam, offers useful tools to help combat this. By measuring employee’s preferences, businesses are able to not only attract new applicants but also motivate their employees to stay in the company.

Crunchr apps are targeted at business with at least 5000 employees, offering the solutions for 7 euros per employee. The company did a seed round with Randstad Innovation Fund and plans to raise a Series A in October 2018. They have a global partnership  with Mercer, a subsidiary of Marsh & Min and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Crunchr Is Optimising Business Performance

Crunchr offers online solutions, using people analytics to help boost the overall business performance. They provide businesses with instant analytics as well as visualisations. They also offer reports and planning tools that assist organizations every step of the way, in a clear and concise way.

Their applications ask their users to answer anonymous surveys relating to their salary, career growth, benefits, and job security. Their tools also collect data regarding workplace diversity, turnover, supply and demand, leadership and future predictions.

Dealing With the Complicated Sides, so Business Doesn’t Have to

The fact is, organizations do have employee data, they just struggle to turn all that data into useful insights. When multiple strings of data are coming in from various sources, organizations often struggle to utilize this information effectively.

Crunchr solves this by providing cloud-based reports, analytics, and planning tools. They make useful data readily available, easy to understand and appealing. In addition to that, Crunchr analyses which recruiting channels are the best for hiring e.g. developers or marketers.

They also introduced a metric called failed hires – these are the people that leave the company within 12 months. The tool is also able to analyze why it happened, in which departments it happens most often and how to reduce them in the future.

By grasping the employee analytics more simply, businesses can make movements towards better understanding and improving their company.

The 6 Crunchr Apps

Crunchr goes beyond just collecting data, they use science and artificial intelligence to translate the millions of data points to create useful and relevant insights for human resources. Dirk Jonker, the founder and managing director of Crunch, said; “[a company] doesn’t care about the techniques, but wants a system to support and to better serve the people at a company.”

Crunchr offers six interconnected applications:

  • The Organisation app – providing workforce insights on diversity and turnover.
  • The Workforce app – predicting the cost impacts of scenarios and supply and demand.
  • The Succession app – visualizing the strength and quality of the leadership.
  • The Talent app – Identifying talent to prioritize actions.
  • The Preference app – determining what motivates employees.
  • The Next app – Identifying improvement opportunities and what drives your business.

Helping The Employee As Well As The Manager

Anybody who’s ever worked for somebody knows that your experience is heavily determined on how the manager acts. Though, some managers aren’t always the best at helping you in career progression or getting the most out of you and your skills.

Crunchr uses the existing data to highlight where the company isn’t performing the best with their employees. When the satisfaction levels of employees are high, the work results improve and the business prospers. A mutually beneficial situation for all, really.

Magdalena is writing about innovations and recent investments in the startup world. Originally coming from Slovakia, Magdalena has been writing for one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and has now immersed herself into the world of startups. Her educational background in Finance and Business Informatics has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. In addition to that, she is a tech geek, passionate photographer and a lifelong dog lover.

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