Introducing emergency clot intervention with remote tissue imaging

Biotech company Sensome has paved the way for connective medical devices by developing a breakthrough in remote monitoring technology that can turn medical tools into connected healthcare devices.

It’s microscopic sensors can provide precise information on the composition of various biological tissues, instantly delivering with incomparable precision.

Blood Clot Prevention

The speed of clot composition analysis is incredibly important because when a brain blood vessel is blocked by a clot, millions of brain cells die every minute.

Depending on the clot’s content, the emergency intervention to reopen the clogged artery may take hours. The sensing technology that Sensome can instantly determine the clot content to help physicians optimize procedural efficiency for each patient and reestablish blood flow.

Companies are starting to integrate Sensome’s technology due to its effectiveness at treating ischemic stroke.

“We have been very impressed by Sensome’s progress over the past year,” said Philippe Peltier, board director at Sensome representing Kurma Partners. “We share Sensome’s vision of connected medical devices to benefit an extended number of patients and are excited to be part of this upcoming revolution.”

Technology Overview

Sensome’s sensing technology combines microsensors with machine learning algorithms to instantly identify biological tissues with incredible reliability.

The sensors are so thin that they can be seamlessly integrated with any medical device in the operating room.

Thanks to its ability to compile a rapid analysis of the tissue clotting the artery, physicians can now overcome the limitations of current vascular imaging techniques.



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