Kolibree Created an AI-Powered Toothbrush to Improve Oral Hygiene

  • Kolibree created Ara, a toothbrush integrated with AI to improve oral health.
  • This toothbrush educates children and adults about how to brush their teeth properly.
  • At an affordable price, the toothbrush comes with a downloadable app to collect and analyze data about your brushing routine in real time.

Brushing teeth has been part of people’s everyday routine. Some considered it a necessary contribution to a healthy lifestyle. In the survey conducted by researchers at Witten/Herdecke University and the insurance company AXA, only 32% of the respondents clean their teeth properly.

Not brushing regularly can lead to bacteria buildup known as plaque. Many people do not realize that how they brush their teeth can affect their long-term health. People, especially children, often see it as a chore and are discouraged to not maintain their oral health.

Kolibree toothrbush.

About Kolibree

Kolibree is a company that is inspired to help many people with their health and lifestyle by creating gadgets. Kolibree produced an AI-powered toothbrush called Ara to assist people with their brushing habits and improve their oral health. With Ara, brushing teeth should be more efficient and pleasant.

The interactive electric toothbrush comes with the Kolibree app, that collects real time data when brushing their teeth. This information serves to educate people on how to improve their brushing routine. On top of that, children can connect their electric toothbrush to an interactive game through the app.

It can be difficult for parents to persuade their children to brush their teeth, but brushing does not have to be seen as a chore! It is important for children to start their brushing ritual at an early age, so that they can continue a healthy lifestyle.

It is crucial for people to remove plaque, for the reason that it can cause cavities and gingivitis. Kolibree wishes for their customers to gain healthy habits and prevent poor oral health.

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