Leavy.co, a Travel Rental Platform, Gets 12.7M EUR to Make Travelling Cheaper for Millennials

People travel for various reasons, such as interviews, international conferences, religious events, and tours, among others. However, the expense of traveling and hotel fees could ruin a trip before it starts. Leavy.co is a community led by the credo that ‘travel should not be for the lucky few, it should be for everybody’.

The Paris-based startup raised 12.7 M EUR in seed funding. This is thanks to Prime Ventures, a Dutch investor, and Dominique Vidal, an Index venture partner.

Who Were the Founders of Leavy.co?

Leavy.co was founded in 2017 by a group of three friends. Aziza Chaouachi was a broke Law undergraduate who came together with Mario Moinet (CSO) and Yassine Ben Romdhane (COO) to find ways to travel affordably.

Why is Leavy.co Considered a Great Choice? 

When it comes to renting apartments for a short while, cheaper is usually better. Most travellers don’t intend to stay long, so renting costly bedrooms at a five star hotel would do more harm than good to their bank accounts.

The Leavy.co community offers three ways to make cash for travel: Happy Leavers, Guests and Hosts on-Demand. Happy leavers are travellers, who are willing to rent out their apartments when they’re not around in exchange for some funds to aid their trip. Hosts on-Demand are members, who serve as local hosts and oversee the Leavy.co booking. Guests are travellers searching for cheap rent in the city or town.

Simply put, Leavy.co is a community of travellers willing to help one another. The company has figured out an algorithm to help people spend less on travelling and enjoy their destinations. 

More About the Community

Leavy.co has grown from a WhatsApp group of three friends to a community of 65,000+ members. The idea is to rent out your home while you’re away, in exchange for funds. The company bears the risk involved, which is the failure to rent out a space after the happy leaver has been paid. The money given isn’t fixed and it’s largely dependent on when the happy leaver gives the company a notice.

The company is planning to extend its influence to the American market, as the travelling industry is the second fastest growing in the world. Given that people are looking for unconventional ways to travel, learn, and save, Leavy.co has a high probability of being the largest community of travellers throughout the globe.

Miracle Oyedeji is a creative millennial to whom writing is not just a skill, but also a lifestyle. Miracle writes for StartupTV since 2019 and focuses on startup and investment stories.

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