Look to the Skies: Electric Urban Jet Mobility is Reality with Lilium

Lilium – the Elevator Pitch.

Lilium works in the urban air mobility industry. It is developing air taxi services, faster than and as affordable as current on-the-ground taxis. Notably, its jets are fully electric and ridiculously fast. The smart mobility startup launched in Munich in 2015.

How Lilium will shape smart cities.

We dream of a world where anyone can fly wherever they want, whenever they want. We’ve invested a tremendous amount of thought and care into designing an aircraft and a service that will let us deliver this, meeting society’s demands for urban air travel that is quiet, safe and environmentally positive’, said CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Wiegand.

The company is reimagining transportation on a completely different level from run of the mill options. While it’s not clear how affordable the services will be, the company has created a strong alternative for people who need to travel often but are concerned about their carbon footprint.

Why we’re watching. 

Though it may take some years before we have access to a Lilium jet in the same way we access Uber or an e-scooter, the successful flight of the first Lilium jet this year sparks the imaginations of other mobility companies to push the boundaries of possibility when it comes to urban transportation. The hold up is mostly tied to social acceptance and civic regulations.

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