Uniplaces – The AirBnB for Student Accommodation

Uniplaces is an online marketplace from Portugal that helps student from all around the globe find the perfect housing for their semester abroad.

Student Housing Abroad Within a Few Clicks

Many students desire to travel and leave their alma mater for a semester or two to study abroad. Strongly supported by the European Union, there are endless opportunities to continue studies in another country to collect exciting experiences, meet new people and learn about different cultures. One obstacle standing in the way to a stress-free semester abroad, however, is the search for accommodation.

The startup Uniplaces has therefore chosen these students as their target group. Uniplaces is an online marketplace with student accommodation all around the world. On the platform, students will find more than 35.000 furnished apartments in 29 popular European cities.

Booking an apartment is then a piece of cake as it can be done completely online. After a booking request has been sent, the landlord answers within 48 hours. To prevent fraud, the students pay the first month’s rent directly to Uniplaces. The funds are then forwarded to the landlord only after the student successfully moves in. Simple, yet effective.

A Trusted Global Brand for Student Accommodation

Uniplaces received a lot of praise for their concept. The founders felt that there were many home rental companies, but none of them focused on traveling students. They wanted to make the students feel secure when moving abroad and help them make the most out of this unique experience.

The startup was founded in Lisbon by a Portuguese, British and an Argentinean. Since the launch in 2013, more than 250,000 students from over 165 countries have successfully booked a student housing with this platform. The company raised a total of $29 million in funding over five rounds and has recently opened offices in seven other European cities.

If you are planning a semester abroad yourself and are still looking for an apartment, check out their website to see the offers or even give them the thumbs up on Facebook.

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