Meet Kniterate, a Compact Digital Knitting Machine that Prints Knitted Products

Creating beautiful knitwears would be a lot easier if you don’t have to bother about the knitting process. Kniterate, a compact digital knitting machine, takes care of the hard part while you focus on the creative aspect of knitting. If you want to eliminate stress while designing seamless knitted products, such as – shoe uppers, scarves, beanies, dresses, and sweaters – Kniterate is your best option.

The machine is well suited for small fashion businesses, training schools, maker-spaces, and design studios. The Kniterate software allows you to customize your products from templates, bringing your knitting products to life.

Kniterate operates like a commercial knitting machine; it’s controlled by a computer. Kniterate works by transferring stitches with no direct interference from you. It is designed with six yarn feeders, which produce various colors, patterns, shapes, and structures.

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