MeetFrank, The Secret Career App, Lands 1.5M EUR to Go Global

The secret career app, as people fairly named the MeetFrank service, has raised 1.5 million EUR. The start-up based in Tallinn, Estonia is gaining traction. More investors will be pitching in with cash to see where the app could potentially go. The company will use the funding on the new “relocation without location” feature. The feature uses international job seeking opportunities for those who are seeking the best opportunity, regardless of location.

‘The third funding is all about building up the global talent pool. So we took some extra cash in to actually expand, and to kind of offer a new service line outside the regions where we started, starting to onboard companies and users all around Europe and beyond even.’ said Kaarel Holm, the Founder of MeetFrank.

Why MeetFrank?

Finding a good employee is hard these days. But you know what’s even harder? Finding the right employer for the millions of people who are jobless. Not because they’re lacking experience, but simply because finding the right company and boss is becoming increasingly hard these days. MeetFrank is one of the services that promise to match great companies with their even greater future workers. And the beauty of it is, it works both ways.

MeetFrank’s powers like machine learning and chatbots are ideal for searching for the next big hit of anyone who’s stuck in a dead-end job with no way of reaching out for something new. So far, the app has raised 2.5 million EUR in funding and has grown to over 265,000 users on a global scale. The biggest markets where MeetFrank is currently operating are Finland, the neighbouring countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and the newer market of Germany.

Who is Frank, and what does it mean to meet him?

Frank is a character, not a real person. It’s an app created by Kaarel Holm who, being fired for looking for new jobs at the office, felt like he was treated unfairly and came up with MeetFrank, the passive job-seeking app. It’s basically an app for those who are looking for a new job but don’t want to risk being caught while at their current job.

The way MeetFrank works is by notifying the users about new jobs on the market. It does this by sending notifications and facilitating an introduction to the future employer. All this while never divulging the identity of the job seeker. Since being fired and releasing the MeetFrank app, it has been downloaded over 100.000 times on Android devices.

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