NOYS VR: Revolutionizing Live Music with Virtual Reality

  • Missed a ticket? Concerts can now be streamed in virtual reality.
  • All content is created from the ground up in virtual reality by the musician.
  • Music lovers can meet like minded fans and experience content together.

Ever faced the disappointment of finding out that your favourite band is going on tour only to realise they’re not coming to your hometown. Or that tickets sold out within 2.5 seconds? NOYS VR app is here to help.

The app enables music fans to experience live music whenever, with the software emulating the experience of having front row tickets. With this platform, musicians can create virtual reality concerts from the ground up, creating live experiences combined with a virtual stage that would be impossible without this new technology.

The potential for creative concert experiences is exciting – imagine seeing Shania Twain perform ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ whilst tightroping over a volcano, in the comfort of your bedroom!

Virtual concerts don’t have to insular experiences either. NOYS users can connect with likeminded fans through the app, building a community of music lovers who can experience live performances together.

With this said, the platform has been built not only for fans in mind, but also musicians. With music streaming services exponentially depleting the source of income for artists, most now have to pay their bills from live performances. This can make life as a musician exhausting and alongside this, booking and travel fees are on the rise. NOYS VR enables artists to get royalties without spending their lives on the road perform while musicians can push creative boundaries with their performances.

NOYS has already signed showcase deals with Warner Bros. There are also partnerships on the horizon with multiple other labels. It’s refreshing to see a startup founded by music lovers, that remedies the issues music artists and fans face in this day and age. With NOYS, live music can be an accessible, democratising and fun experience. Available to download on the Oculus Store now.

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