NoysVR Brings the Concert Experience Right to Your Living Room

The Hamburg-based startup NoysVR developed a new application for Oculus Rift that allows anyone from all over the world to experience life concerts in VR.

The music market has been complaining for over a decade about the revenue drops caused by decreasing CD sales. The income generated from digital sales and streaming services has not yet completely closed this gap. For many musicians have, therefore live shows and concerts became an important sources of finance.

Despite going on numerous tours, artists can’t perform everywhere and travel to every country. With Oculus Rift and the VR app from NoysVR, fans are able to admire their favourite artist even in the remotest village.

More than Just a 360-Degree Video

The makers behind the app do not just film concerts with 360-degree cameras, but have chosen a rather interactive approach. “We want to create a platform for musicians to enable them to perform from their homes or a studio and in their own fantasy environments, while fans from all over the world can participate and interact with each other in Social VR and in real-time,” executive founder Fabio Buccheri explained the concept in an interview with VRNerds.

The artists are recorded in front of a green screen and filmed with two cameras. The musicians can then individually choose their concert environment. The band Stupid Goldfish, for example, has immediately moved their VR concert into the jungle.

With the VR glasses, the viewer enters a virtual concert hall where he can interact with the other concert attendees. For example, fans can paint messages in the skies or wave lighters in the air.

The early acces VR application for the Oculus Rift was launched in January 2018. The app will be released also for other platforms, but for the time being, the makers are focusing on the Oculus. The app is relatively well received among those who have already watched a virtual concert, according to a user at “Hands down the best looking VR music app. Can’t wait to see future concerts with friends once multiplayer is available.”

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt Develops into a VR Hotspot

Meanwhile, the founders of NoysVR have moved to Hamburg’s Speicherstadt—the largest warehouse district in the world. This is where the Virtual Reality Headquarters (VRHQ) is being built. Together with three other young companies (Spice VR, Spherie and VR Nerds), NoysVR is establishing a joint work and exhibition space in the converted warehouse space known as the Kreativspeicher M28. They plan to explore and develop new applications of virtual reality and virtual worlds and make them accessible to the wide public.

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