Petit Pli’s Sustainable Kidswear Grows with Your Children

The human population is increasing, so also the demand for clothes. There would come a time when the supply won’t be enough for our fashion demands. Clothes are made from natural resources like cotton, silk, leather, crude oil, to name a few. For how long can we maintain this ‘wasteful’ nature of fashion?

Designed with love in London, Petit Pli’s patent-pending kidswear is manufactured from recycled bottles. Their conservative approach to clothe-making advocates a cleaner and sustainable environment. Their products expand up to seven times its original size alongside the growth of your child. Currently, Petit Pli focuses on children from the ages of 0.75 (nine months) to 4.

From the material used to the energy that powers the manufacturing process, Petit Pli only subscribes to sustainable and less wasteful alternatives. 30% of the energy used in their company is solar energy, reducing ‘waste and CO2 emissions at the point of production, distribution and after purchase’.

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