POWERUP Toys Makes Every Kid a Pilot

POWERUP is a company that uses drone tech to help your kid’s paper aeroplane fly. Gone are the days of ‘dad my plane is not flying’ cries. Pilots attach the module to a folded paper aeroplane, then control the flight via the POWERUP app.

The company has delivered three versions of POWERUP toys to 45,000 backers. The latest version is the POWERUP 4.0, an unreleased module. This new module is designed with two high speed motors that can fly ‘just about anything’; it can actually fly an aeroplane made of balsa wood, paper, cardboard or foam board.

With two rear wheels and one front wheel, kids can fly a plane from the ground without holding it in the air before takeoff. Also, the POWERUP 4.0 comes with additional LED lights, which allow users to use the device in the night. It has two new sensors, namely; gyro and accelerometer. Both sensors give the device high stability.

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