ALLVR: Virtual Reality for Architects

The startup ALLVR brings architects into virtual reality. With the various collaborative tools ALLVR offers, those involved in a construction project can meet directly in the virtual 3D model from anywhere and discuss the future of a project.

Construction is a stressful process that requires many people to be involved from the planning phase to the final execution. Anyone who ever wanted to build their own house knows how tricky this process can be. The image of an absolutely perfect dream home is usually squandered by a tight construction budget, limited time and final quality.

With the collaboration platform developed by the startup ALLVR, architects, building owners, and all stakeholders can meet virtually directly in the model of a building. They can do so by using their laptop or putting on a VR glasses for a more immersive experience.

Virtual Place Where Your Dreams Are Built

In the model, the participants can leave notes and work instructions. For instance, if the building owner wants to have a door installed in another location, he can mark it in color and thus communicate it clearly to the architect. Moreover, the tool allows participants to change e.g. colors, textures and even move furniture around.

In addition to construction projects, ALLVR enables its customers to preview various 3D components in virtual reality. It could also be used by real estate agents as a tool for presenting their portfolio to various clients.

The company plans to further expand the number of features the platform provides. Its users will be able to hear each other while in the virtual meeting and even export and share 360 degree images and videos of the model. In addition, clients will be able to see the whole building from an outside perspective, including the surrounding neighborhood.  

ALLVR was part of the German railway company’s Accelerator Program. Deutsche Bahn is constantly looking for solutions to simplify processes due to the size and complexity of its construction projects. Perhaps a startup like ALLVR could have prevented civil engineering failures such as Stuttgart 21 or BER airport.

For more details, check out their website.

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