Baustarter Will Make Building Your Dream Home a Reality

Berlin-based construction tech company aims to make planning and managing of construction projects easy for private customers. They built a powerful platform that guides their clients from the initial idea to moving into their new home.

Fast, Good or Cheap. Do You Really Have to Pick Only Two?

Everyone thinks about their future dream house from time to time. It can be beautiful and scary at the same time. Construction is, however, a risky process. It means finding the right architecture firms, which are often highly specialized in certain areas, making it overwhelming to find the right one. People get often stressed and eventually scared off.

CoPlannery is a Berlin-based construction tech company that aims to make construction process easy. The creative and skilled team built Baustarter—a digital assistant that guides clients through a construction process from renovating, sanitation to building from scratch. It also lets users book an architect or a construction company. Clients will receive the whole product description that fits best their profile. All they need is just to sign a contract.

About Baustarter

Baustarter is a platform enabling clients to easily plan and manage their construction project. The intuitive construction starter app is designed to accompany the building owner from the very first idea to moving in. It further helps to plan all necessary steps during construction.

Whether building a new home, enlarging, restoring or renovating, Baustarter connects clients with talented architects who will guide you throughout the whole construction process based on your budget and personal preferences.


After the first consultation with an architect, the client can can conveniently commission all modules of his construction project online – from planning with the right architect to finding suitable construction financing and insurance.

Baustarter offers clients a free initial cost overview based on comparison of current statistical values. Afterwards, the customer can simply select a desired architect and commission his or hers planning package.

The Founders

The founders came up with the idea of Baustarter, while studying in Technical University in Berlin. CoPlannery was founded by Viviane Hülsmeier, Nadir Benkhellouf and Jakob Pupke in 2018.

Their goal is to make construction more cost-efficient and less risky while digitizing the whole process. The company received funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is currently raising a seed round.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.

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