Could Datumate Prevent Civil Engineering Failures?

Datumate enables major construction projects to be handled faster and cheaper and potential problems to be identified early in the planning phase.

Why is Berlin Airport Considered Useless to the Public?

Major projects such as Stuttgart 21 or BER (Berlin Brandenburg Airport) have frequently caused discontent and protests among the population. These projects consumed a lot of taxpayers’ money and their openings has been repeatedly delayed.

The BER airport is currently more than 5 million euros over budget with five delayed scheduled opening days. So what’s the reason behind it? The initial opening in 2012 was cancelled because of faulty alarm systems and smoke extractors. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Later on, there appeared to be many more problems including a roof that was heavier than advised, 90 km of cables installed the wrong way as well as doors named incorrectly.

The CEO of the Israeli company Datumate, Tal Meirzon, believes these projects were doomed from the early stages. He claims that with his company’s technology, many mistakes could have been recognized and avoided.

Datumate uses drones for daily surveying and mapping.
2D maps and 3D models are automatically generated from the drone footage and photos

Deutsche Bahn has now recognized that some changes in its structures must be made and is relying on innovative startup companies. Datumate was part of Deutsche Bahn’s accelerator program and tested its technology on pilot projects at a technology corporation. The company delivers field measurement and survey services including daily drone surveying and mapping to ease the management of large construction projects.

Datumate’s Field-to-Plan Solution

Datumate uses drones that fly over a predefined area on a daily basis. Later, 2D maps and 3D models are automatically generated from the drone footage and photos. The data is stored in a cloud for a client to access it and use for planning and measurements. Daumate also allows users to download their models, maps, reports and analytics.

The system not only saves costs compared to traditional land surveying methods but it is also visible to all decision-makers due to its connection to the cloud. With Datumate’s solution, potential problems could be easier identified in the planning phase and not when half of the project has already been completed.

For more information, check out their website or Facebook.

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