Ride Like the Wind: Wind Mobility Makes E-Scooters to Green Cities

Wind Mobility – the Elevator Pitch.

Wind is an internationally implemented micro-mobility provider. It offers service through its in-house designed and built electric scooters. Wind has users in Europe, Israel and Asia. The smart mobility startup launched in Frankfurt in 2017. 

How Wind Mobility will shape smart cities.

Starting in 2018, the micro-mobility trend has swept the continent, as rentable scooters and bicycles flooded the streets. Ed Schmidt, COO and CEO of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Wind Mobility, said, ‘More than half of Earth’s population is living in urban environments now, but the way we organise those environments is outdated. We need to make our cities safer, quieter, greener and all around better to live in. Electric mobility will be one cornerstone of this change.’

Why we’re watching.

The scooting startup landed 45 million EUR in funding in the last few months. Aside from that, the startup steers further towards sustainable mobility than other companies in micro-mobility. Its in-house manufacturing produces scooters with longer life-spans and changeable batteries, while other micro-mobility providers rely on practices such as petrol-fueled maintenance rounds and scooters with six month lifespans. Wind Mobility’s focus on financial success and environmental impact is a trend we love to see. However, its one year scooter lifespan leaves room for improvement, which is a problem across the board in the e-scooter industry.

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