Schnexagon a pesticide-free product against slugs & snails

Slugs and snails are extraordinary creatures. Although these animals do not win a cuteness prize, their abilities are impressive. For example, slugs can adhere to Teflon or Lotus, they even adapt their secretion to the ground. But especially gardeners will curse these superpowers of the snails rather than admire them. Finally, the insatiable snails cause approximately a damage of 9,2M EUR at vegetable crops annually. The biologist Nadine Sydow wanted to do something against it, but she didn’t want to kill the snails also, therefore she looked for other solutions.

Over 400 materials Nadine Sydow examined during her study at the CAU zu Kiel, in order to find after many attempts nevertheless a combination of several substances, on which snails do not stick. The results of the research quickly led to a business idea and finally to Solvoluta.

Meanwhile, Schnexagon is available in stores and can be ordered online. This means that any bed border and any plant container with a minimum height of 20 cm can become an inconspicuous barrier against slugs. The ecological protection works only by the fact that the snails cannot stick to it. Neither poison nor attracting or deterring fragrances are contained in it.

The effect lasts for different periods of time depending on the influence of the weather. If the coating is exposed to direct rain, the average duration of action is about five weeks. If the coating is protected from wetness and radiation, an effective period of one whole season can be achieved.

Next, Sydow is developing an ecological antifouling that will prevent the growth of allege, mussels and addresses the maritime industry, as she told us at the Waterkant in Kiel.

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