Sensome Introduces Clotild, a Connected Stroke Guidewire, to the Medical Field

Time is no friend of a vascular neurologist, when it comes to treating ischemic stroke. The disease occurs when debris blocks the cerebral arteries, which feed the brain with nutrients and oxygen. Any delay in medical intervention may lead to coma, permanent paralysis or in a worst-case scenario, death. Current screening processes take valuable minutes that could spare a patient’s life. Sensome wants to change this reality.

What’s the Role of Sensome?

Sensome plays an important role in early intervention for stroke patients. The co-founder of Sensome, Franz Bozsak said, ‘Our goal is to make every intervention last as short as possible’.

Sensome plans to shorten the time required to get to the root of the disease with Clotild. The product uses both impedance-based minute sensors and AI algorithms. Detecting the components and size of the clot content responsible for the artery blockage would assist doctors when choosing the equipment needed for surgical operation.

What’s the need?

According to a report published by Futrell N. Millikan on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, ‘Stroke is an emergency. Ischemic stroke is similar to myocardial infarction in that the pathogenesis is loss of blood supply to the tissue, which can result in irreversible damage if blood flow is not restored quickly.’

Before an emergency medical team can intervene, they must follow certain complex procedures to expose the nature of the ailment and lead health practitioners to the medical solutions available. This delay in intervention due to the pre-surgical process is dangerous, given the emergent nature of ischemic stroke.

What’s Next for Sensome?

Kurma partners led a funding round for the company last year. The investment was to make Clotild available to medical practitioners soon. In line with the words of Franz Bozsak, ‘This financing round will enable us to bring Clotild™ through clinical testing and to the European market and to explore the applications of our technology’

Points to Note

  • In general medicine, time is an important factor and vascular neurology is not an exception. Vascular neurologist need to race against time when dealing with an ischemic stroke patient.
  • doctors experience delay when attending to ischemic stroke patients due to the complex screening process that gives them the details of the clot blocking the cerebral arteries. 
  • Clotild is a Sensome tech product that uses both impedance-based minute sensors and AI algorithms to find the cause of ischemic stroke faster than the conventional screening procedures.
  • Sensome is planning to introduce Clotild into the European market as soon as it is ready for mass production.
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