Skeleton Technologies Aims to Make Charging an Electric Vehicle Faster than Filling a Gasoline Tank

  • Skeleton Technologies develops ultracapacitors.
  • SkelCap lasts 500 times longer than a lithium-ion battery and packs 60 times the power.
  • The startup is confident that the technology will enable them to charge an electric vehicle in a matter of 15 seconds.

Have you ever accidentally left your truck’s headlights on, only to come back hours later and find that it won’t start? If so, you know that feeling is the absolute worst. Keeping a truck powered is a big task for one battery to do alone. Luckily, it can phone a friend, the ultracapacitator, to prevent situations like this from happening.  

An ultracapacitor is more efficient, powerful and environmentally sustainable than a battery. Skeleton Technologies has introduced its own ultracapacitor called SkelCap.

Now, back to your truck. SkelCap works to power your vehicle’s engine so that the battery is freed up to focus on everything else, like powering lights and radio. Say goodbye to jumper cables!

SkelCap can power everything from trucks and trains, forklifts and factory production lines, to space travel and even roller coasters. Skeleton Technologies’ goal is to help companies in multiple industries across the globe save energy, and in turn money and the environment.

How SkelCap Works to Save and Recycle Energy

Batteries release their stored energy through a chemical reaction. Ultracapacitors store their energy in an electric field. They are much lighter than batteries, hold up to 60 times more power and–perks for the environment–they don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxic metals.

Skeleton Technologies has developed a device powered by SkelCap units that can collect the energy created when a train brakes, and then take that energy and put it toward the train’s acceleration. In addition, SkelCap can help trucks and other vehicles use up to nearly a third less fuel. It can even help capture electricity from the ocean’s waves to be used as sustainable energy that otherwise would be lost.

SkelCap has incredible superpowers. It takes moments to charge, and can be charged more than one million times. Furthermore, it can even withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius or more!

The energy a SkelCap produces over its lifetime is the equivalent of 10 tons of emissions produced by a car. Talk about giving the air a break from pollution!

Skeleton Technologies is Gaining International Traction

Skeleton Technologies was founded in 2009 and has raised 46.4 million euros. It is already working with major players in industries from automotive to maritime and aerospace. The company is even working with the European Space Agency to help them make missions safer and less expensive.  

“SpaceCap cells will allow us to package a large amount of power into a very small package, creating opportunities for new applications.”

Bernard Zufferey, PECS Manager, European Space Agency

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