SpectroPlast AG Receives €1.38 Million Investment to Support Silicone 3D Printing Services

SpectroPlast AG secured itself a 1.38 million EUR investment by AM ventures. The funding will be used to scale up its Silicone 3D printing services and to strengthen its position as the leader of high-resolution Silicone 3D printing solutions. The company will use the funding for its life-saving, life-enhancing and customised healthcare products. 

SpectroPlast Aims to Revolutionise 3D Printing

SpecctroPlast is a spin off of a five-year research project within the ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of technology. Since being founded in 2018, Zurich-based SpectroPlast AG has built a service providing silicon models in all industries.

It develops industrial sealing solutions, prosthesis and implants, medical training modules, soft robotics, fashion and wearables and art and entertainment. Its material is functional, soft, biocompatible, eco-friendly and safe. The team managed to overcome the difficulties of working with silicone and managed to develop a technology that allows mass market additive manufacturing without having to use molds thus lowering costs and zero waste. 

Opportunities in Several Markets 

SpectroPlast and its services can be used in all markets. For example, its technology can be applied in markets such as aerospace, robotics, medical and fashion with healthcare being the opportunity for the largest impact. In the area they can provide customised implants and prosthesis as well as patient-specific medical training models.

The company aims to move 3D printing away from mass prototyping objects made of metal, ceramics and plastics but towards mass customisation of functional products made of soft, stretchable elastomeric materials such as silicone. 

“The entire healthcare industry is at the turning point where mass customisation, customised healthcare and pharmaceuticals, are just starting to take off. We think that we can provide a solution to some extent, at least to soft implants and medical applications. So, really, the long-term strategy is medical,” said CEO and co-founder Manuel Schaffner.

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