Copenhagen-Based Startup Qvest Secured €870k for Its Online Tool to Drive Cross-Functional Change Projects

Startup from Denmark, Qvest, is driving cross-functional change in organizations. Their online tool is a new kind of survey that maps what matters to people in and across an organisation.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the software startup Qvest received €870k investment from four investors. Most recently, the North-East Venture Fund invested €200k. Qvest plans to roll-out globally and potentially redefine Change Management as a category.

Currently, the startup is at go-to-market stage and is taking on new customers. The company intends to use the fresh capital to fuel its growth through marketing & sales.

About Qvest

The problem Qvest is solving – driving change cross-functionally – is felt by most companies. In every organisation, people are constantly moving, hierarchies are changing and new projects are created. It can often be difficult for people to keep track and stay informed.

The startup aims to help organisations drive change with its new kind of survey that maps what matters to people in and across an organisation.

How it Works

When analysing surveys, usually only answers count as data. But what about the questions? According to Qvest, they serve as a valuable signal for what participants know and don’t know and who they contact for knowledge. The online tool from Qvest analyzes questions and answers to drive cross-functional change in larger organisations.

Each Qvest takes only 3-5 days. The project owner decides a topic and invites all stakeholders. Afterwards, each participant can ask a question to one co-participant of their choice. Once the question has been answered, the participant can ask again someone else, encouraging their curiosity and creating value for all project stakeholders. At the end, Qvest analyzes the conversations and turns the data into valuable insights.

iMc computer with Qvest online survey tool on the background.
Qvest captures stakeholders’ questions and turns them into valuable visuals.

About the Founders

One of the co-founders and the current CEO of Qvest, Marie Marie Mathiesen, holds a PhD degree in Organisational Analysis. She has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors in Denmark and the US.

Marie told us how the idea for Qvest was born: “My co-founder Pia Lauritzen is a philosopher. The method behind Qvest is her idea. She has worked with flipping the dominant question-logic in organisations for many years as a consultant. I hired her as a consultant, and together we decided to build the SaaS tool that enables other people to use her amazing method. We want more people in organisations to ask more questions of each other because when you ask questions you take a position. Asking and answering questions is a shortcut to building responsible communities.”

The founders of startup Qvest.
The founders believe Qvest has the potential to redefine Change Management as a category.

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