Startups Weekly #4 – Challenges of Urban Air Mobility & Green New Deal for Europe

In this show, we talked about the challenges for urban air mobility for air taxis. Skyports and Volocopter announced a cooperation at the GreenTechFestival to build the first mobile Volo-Port. Ground-based vertiport infrastructure is critical to the success of future urban air mobility, including air taxi operations in congested cities. Construction of the first Volo-Port will be completed later this year. The partners plan to build it in Singapore for the scheduled public flight trials in the second half of 2019. A full-scale Volocopter vehicle is on display at the GreenTech Festival.

We are also looking at the investments that European startups received last week. The largest sum was collected by the British FinTech TransferWise.

Finally, you can see an excerpt from our DeepDive with Yanis Varoufakis, who talks about his plans for a Green New Deal for Europe.

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