Startups Weekly #5 – The Earth from Above: The Effects of Climate Change from Space

Astronauts speak of the overview-effect when they first see the planet Earth from space. The overview effect is described as an experience that changes the perspective on our planet and humanity living on it. The Dutch astronaut André Kuipers now wants to share this experience with the world. Together with SpaceBuzz, he has developed a VR experience that can also bring about this change in consciousness to people who will never leave the planet. Above all, the project is aimed at schools by combining exploration with learning. Most of all, the effects of climate change are clearly visible from space, as Kuipers points out in our interview at the Next Web conference. The project started in the Netherlands and will now be extended to other countries. If you want to support the project financially, you can do so on the Spacebuzz website.

We also talked to Nicholas Goubert from Native Instruments about the transition from product to platform companies. Nicholas Goubert gave some tips on how this transformation can be a success for a company.

Of course, in this episode we also take a look at the latest investment news from the European startup scene. This week the focus is on the investments in PixPay and Wingtra. Also at the end of the episode there will be some tech events to look out for from all over Europe.

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