Startups Weekly #9 – Artificial Intelligence & the Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry

Artificial intelligence is now used in many industries. Insurance companies are also in the midst of digital transformation. Driven by the innovative InsureTechs, the classic insurance industry now also wants to use AI for process optimization. But data can be biased. What to do if an insurance policy is refused simply because you live in the wrong neighborhood? At the Machine Intelligence Summit, we took a look around and talked to both startups and experts about the use of AI in the insurance industry and identified opportunities and risks.

In addition, we talk to Sofie, founder of omni:us, about the state of digitalization in the insurance industry.

Also this week the investors distributed fresh money, we show you the most important investments, this time in the Startup Unifly, which takes care of Drone Traffic Management and the French Startup EasyMovie.

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