This AI-Driven Dash Cam Keeps Drowsy Drivers Safe

An insurance document is not enough protection for your car, especially when your car was hit in a CCTV-free area. How on earth can you prove that you weren’t at fault? The dashcam Vezo 360 to the rescue. 

Vezo 360 records every event happening outside and inside your car. So you don’t have to worry about someone hitting your car in your absence; Vezo 360 is your witness. 

Besides watching your car, Vezo 360 can also be your assistant while driving. When you’re dozing off while driving, Wezo 360 detects it and keeps you awake by sounding the alarm. Anyone could doze off while driving; you don’t have to be shy about it. Just ensure you got Vezo 360 in case you’re sleep-driving.

The dash cam has a lovely design and essential features. In addition to its safety features, you can also take selfies with Vezo 360 anytime you’re cruising with friends.

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