This Minimalistic Phone Creates You Peace of Mind

Our daily lives are filled with messaging apps and social media. Apparently, a “smartphone-free vacation” has become a trend now. The fact is that we cannot live without using any technologies. Therefore, the minimalist phone Mudita Pure, comes in and provides a just-right amount of features that keep you away from the daily hustle and bustle.

It is developed by the eponymous Warsaw-based startup Mudita with the calling of improving people’s quality of life. You cannot installed Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram on it but its built-in features like music player, phone book and meditation timer are enough for a mindful lifestyle. Instead of a palm-sized display, Mutida Pure comes with a 16-grayscale E Ink display which is less likely to strain your eyes. It also has a very low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which means users will be exposed to less radiofrequency energy. Check out its crowdfunding page if you are interested in pre-ordering one.

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