Twitter Acquires London-Based Fabula AI

Fabula AI and Twitter struck a deal to add the algorithm-based news quality company to its artificial intelligence research department. Following the acquisition, Twitter will be able to push platform health and broaden the application of Fabula AI’s graph deep learning techniques.

As a major source of news, Twitter believes their purpose is to provide relevant, high quality information on the platform. In a bid to pursue this, they have acquired Fabula AI, a startup based out of London.

Building Blocks

The team from Fabula AI is a collection of top researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Twitter has been building out a research team called Cortex focused on developing machine learning and artificial intelligence inside and outside the media giant. Ultimately, their findings monitor the integrity of information shared on the platform and optimize functions such as timelines and recommendations. Twitter has been building the Cortex team since 2014 through acquisitions such as Madbits, Whetlab, and Magic Pony.

Top of the Class

Michael Bronstein, Damon Mannion, Federico Monti, and Ernesto Schmitt founded the geometric deep learning company in Switzerland in 2018. Bronstein and Monti met at the University of Lugano where they began their collaborations. Bronstein is a leader in the global field for research in graph deep learning and will continue to hold his position as the Chair in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition at Imperial College while he heads the research team at Twitter.

“We are really excited to join the ML research team at Twitter, and work together to grow their team and capabilities. Specifically, we are looking forward to applying our graph deep learning techniques to improving the health of the conversation across the service,” said Michael Bronstein.

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