Uprise Energy Takes a New Perspective on Wind Energy

Californian startup has developed a portable wind turbine that is capable of extracting as much energy from the wind as possible.

With the efforts to make our planet a greener place to live, wind power is one of the best sources of renewable energy. Wind energy is a valuable clean source emitting minimum pollution. Additionally, wind power is unique for the fact that it does not use any water.

By 2030, wind power will save around 30 trillion bottles of water in the United States according to Conserve Energy Future. The Californian startup Uprise Energy, has developed a “10kW portable wind turbine that delivers low cost, clean-energy, when and where you need it.”

The Problem with Conventional Turbines

Most of the conventional wind turbines out in the market are developed to operate at a constant speed. But when a gust of wind comes, they will spill that energy so as not to overload or over-rev the engine. The turbines are then not able to maximize all the power from a stronger wind gust or it would overdrive the engine too much. Therefore, traditional turbines are not fully optimizing the power of the wind.

The Mobile Power Station that “Dances with the Wind”

The Uprise Energy team found a solution that optimizes wind power to its fullest. Their technology allows the power station to function effectively over a wider range of wind speeds, therefore, it takes advantage of the vast power in the wind.

This feature of being able to take in various wind gusts has the greater capability to produce multiple times the energy of a conventional wind turbine and improves with the variability of the wind. Uprise’s unique approach has the means to generate up to 400% more power than a common wind turbine.

Additionally, this machine is designed to be optimal in low wind speeds. This allows the mobile turbine to be placed in residential areas. Furthermore, the mobile station should produce energy far below utility power rates which could potentially unlock many applications in commercial, residential, government, military and humanitarian markets.

The mobile power station could be advantageous for communities that rely on diesel power generators which are harmful for the environment. As well, the mobile turbine can be a valuable resource for disaster relief efforts in areas with limited access to a power grid or fuel.

How it All Started

Cofounder John Knight started out in the yacht industry, repairing and designing custom yachts. He earned a lot of accolade for his designs and engineering of these various yacht vessels. To mention, John is a constant innovator always exploring new ways to improve efficiency.

With his high-efficiency and innovative mindset made it possible for John to start Uprise Energy and enter into the wind energy sector. The mission for Uprise Energy is to “drive change in the world for the betterment of humanity while maximizing shareholder interest.”

For more information, check out their website or Facebook page.

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