Small, Sleek, Sustainable: UrmO’s Collapsible Electric Hoverboard

UrmO – The Elevator Pitch.

UrmO Co-Founder Sebastian Gouy says, “Our vision is to offer efficient and simple mobility for the mainstream by developing perfectly suitable electric vehicles for everyday life.” Its first product is a two-wheeled collapsible electric vehicle. Think a smaller Segway without the handle (for those concerned about balance, a handle is available). Smart mobility startup UrmO was founded in 2018 in Munich, Germany. It aims to bring commuters clean and attractive options for getting around. 

How UrmO will shape smart cities.

The UrmO is a sleek, emissions-free way to solve your last-mile problems. It’s designed to be easily portable in the office or on public transportation, folding up in under 2 seconds. It promises a battery life of 20 km and a handy carrying weight of only 7kg. It’s quite an investment, though at 1,999 EUR per vehicle. Its futuristic look also brings to mind the aesthetic quality of sci-fi dreams. Move over, Doc Brown. 

Why we’re watching.

UrmO’s fundraising round through Kickstarter has landed the company 194,000 EUR in pre-orders. It has also sealed deals with undisclosed distribution partners across Germany. These early successes seem to be paving a smooth road for the mobility startup, who plans to distribute the pre-ordered vehicles in the coming months.

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