Spice VR Aims to Shape The Future of Storytelling

Spice VR is a Hamburg based startup that takes video watching experience to the new heights. They created a 360° VR drone that features six cameras and disappears in the footage.

Experience the World From All Perspectives

The 360° videos gained popularity in the past years. Whether seen on YouTube or Facebook, people are fascinated by experiencing the world from all perspectives. However, some video producers weren’t able to keep up with that trend.

The Hamburg based startup Spice VR is a 360° movie production company that also offers app development, live streaming and consulting services. They specialize in creating true-to-life immersive videos, short-films, documentaries and much more.

Meet Spherie: The Unobstructed 360 degrees VR Drone

The producers of 360° videos are faced with the challenge of capturing the world from all perspectives and not being visible in the picture at the same time. The German startup has therefore created the first 360° drone called Spherie, which is invisible in all pictures and videos.

The VR drone is equipped with six cameras. This allows Spherie to create impressive shots and even completely disappear in the blind spot. The agile drone can take immersive video footage even in narrow spaces and fly indoors or outdoors.


The company claims their drone comes in the perfect size and is easily manoeuvrable, stable and has a quiet, steady flight. Spice VR aims to enable video producers to create unprecedented 360° footage.

On top of all that, the drone is able to create 3D models with photo-texture quality by using photogrammetry.

Impressive 360 Degrees Music Videos With Spherie

The startup has already realized several projects with the Spherie drone. They collaborated with DJ Robin Schulz and NakedElephant and created music videos thanks to Spice’s advanced technology.

Unfortunately, the Spherie drone is not available for purchase. The startup only lets their customers to commission their drone for production of immersive 360° aerial videos.

Spice VR at the Berlinale

Spice VR was part of the European Film Market initiative during the 2017 Berlinale. The initiative aims to connect startups with the established film industry.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.

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