Wandelbots re-thinks the way industrial robots are programmed by users

Wandelbots provides cutting edge interaction technologies, allowing professionals without coding backgrounds to program robots on their own.

  • Using demonstration-based tech, Wandelbots allows robots to be reprogrammed by users without a single line of code.
  • The concrete control program is learned and automatically generated by human-centered robot programming
  • New tasks are realized within minutes without external experts.

Technology startup Wandelbots has created a solution for the constant need to reprogram robots in the ever changing automation industry.

Through demonstration-based teaching, robots can learn new movements and functions without external expertise.

Recently, Wandelbots won the Saxon Founders Award at the futureSAX conference in Dresden, causing a stir as one of the most innovative companies among the 500 guests that attended.

Changing the Relationship Between Humans and AI

Wandelbots rethinks the way robots are programmed, a service that before was reserved exclusively to coders and engineers.

Its adaptive programming expedites the need for coders to install complex code for new tasks. The user can teach the robot what to do with no coding experience.

By cutting out the middleman, professionals in any industry can now make custom changes to their automated operations for less money and time.

Volkswagen opened a new IT development center in Dresden, announcing that the first application for optical control in assembly will be provided by Wandelbots services.



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