what3words Helps Rescue Services by Putting Everything on the Map

what3words – the Elevator Pitch.

Founded in London in 2013, the what3words technology and API considers geography from a new perspective. Finding an exact location isn’t always easy, especially in countries where address systems are defunct or out of date. Working with a mathematician, the team assigned three-word combinations to every 3x3m square on the face of the planet. Through the app, users can punch in the three words and navigate to the exact location.

How what3words will shape smart cities.

Overall, thinking about location within the city is the key to efficient mobility. Implemented worldwide, many delivery companies use the what3words services to enhance delivery time and accuracy. Further, the app has proven useful in emergency services, and could potentially be a solution for complicated rescue missions following natural disasters. Therefore, many emergency departments in the UK are implementing the app and encouraging people to download it.

Why we’re watching.

Notably, the smart mobility startup made news several times this year for its implementation in emergency rescue services. Amazingly, police in the UK used the app to locate people who were lost in the woods. Using what little cell-signal they had, the hikers downloaded the app and sent the police their exact location. Overall, by naming every place on Earth, What3words is eradicating the idea of being ‘off the map.’

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