60seconds Live Show #16

1. Gingerguide

Gingerguide is a multi-platform travel guide to help travelers discover and learn about new places in a city. With curated content and personalized suggestions, travellers can enjoy a unique and local travel experience. The app should save tourists time planning a journey thanks to its easy filter and search. The app is currently available for iOS.

2. ChipsTV

ChipsTV wants to revolutionize live game streaming. They offer integrated multiplayer games for up to ten streamers while the simple set up and enjoyable live game streaming rooms should create a sense of community among the players. Every streamer can receive microdonations and convert chips to real cash. Benedikt Löffler, the founder of ChipsTV, told us more about their platform that combines streaming and games in one place.

3. Clean Code Culture

The Berlin-based Clean Code Culture helps tech companies train their developers to improve their skills and be more efficient. By being more productive, they also increase the company’s profitability. Ronald Brachettim the founder and CEO of Clean Code Culture, explained to us how the trainings work. They take place in-house, in-person over the course of several weeks. The trainings contain the most crucial principles and practices for modern software engineering, that a lot of developers have not trained structurally before.

4. Craft Exchange

Yascha Roshani, the founder of Craft Exchange, told us about how their startup helps many small craft drink producers to become visible on the market. Craft Exchange enables customers to find and buy small batch specialty drinks like beer, spirits, wine, coffee, and soft drinks. Additionally, the platform offers them an access to the full beverage landscape.

5. Just Juno

From an early age, many girls start to develop self-limiting beliefs. Just Juno empowers young girls in developing countries to reach their full potential through gamification. They developed and interactive storytelling app for young girls. They can play the character of a real female role models from their own country, showing them that they could too achieve great success.

6. Parametricos

The startup Parametricos aims to optimise construction processes worldwide. They empower architectural design freedom by removing time-wasting tasks by improving architects’ workflow, from design to construction. Marios Messios, the founder and CEO

of Parametricos, told us how they reduce the ‘three core elements’ of Time, Energy and Cost.

Thomas Brömme
Thomas Brömme
Thomas ist Gründer und Head of StartupTV. Er ist verantwortlich für Konzeption, Strategie und Finanzen.

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