A.Muses’s VR Swing Can Take You Anywhere

  • A.Muse is a startup that merges the physical and digital world.
  • It creates cutting edge projects that combine design, technology, and virtual reality.
  • Its projects have been exhibited worldwide.

A.Muse, a design and technology studio, develops virtual fantasy lands. Founded in Halle, Germany, the company creates installations that inspire play and imagination, for kids and adults. 

A.Muse has developed four projects and has new ones currently in development. It’s projects fall into the categories of alternative controller games and augmented reality. All of its projects have been presented with multiple awards and have been placed into numerous exhibitions around the world. The unique aspect of its games is mixing reality with virtual reality to create new and unexplored worlds for adults and kids alike to play. 

A.Muse brings design and technology together into fantasy worlds.
A.Muse brings design and technology together into fantasy worlds.

Bringing the Dream of Flight into Reality

Its most popular design is a VR swing. It is an interactive VR-installation that makes the dream of flying possible. It combines the experience of swinging and a VR headset. We met founder Thi Binh Minh Nguyen at the Halle Deutsche Bahn open day, where the team was displaying the Swing Set. Nguyen said, “We thought that one day about that swinging is something very natural, so children love to do it, but adults don’t do it anymore, even though they are loving it.”

At the start, the player is on the ground of a grey and desolate area. As they swing faster and stronger, they fly higher and the world becomes more and more colourful. After flying through the skies, the player lands in the universe. The worlds can be customised. You can fly over your city and point out touristic highlights. The swing can be booked for an event or exhibitions. It has already been displayed at festivals around the world.

Other projects include ByBassos AR, which is an augmented tool for archaeologists. It visualises archeologically explored terrain and building structures in an area. The Gaudy Woods is a real-time VR game in Stereo 3D with a kinetic interface made with recycled tires and raw steel. The player walks through a psychedelic forest. Ombre Fabula is an interactive shadow theatre. This tells the story of a young boy trying to restore his grandmothers’ sight, the player has to create silhouettes with their hands to collect lights, when all lights are collected the grandmother gets back her sight. 

A.Muse creates mixed reality fantasies in its kid's book Song of Cultures.
A.Muse creates mixed reality fantasies in its kid’s book Song of Cultures.

The Story of A.Muse

The two founders Christin Marczinzik and Thi Binh Minh Nguyen both studied multimedia design at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle. During their studies, they developed The VR swing together. Following University the women went off and developed professional world experience in their fields before coming together to develop the A.Muse design studio. 

Next on the horizon for the two entrepreneurs is the Song of Cultures game for kids. The design follows along with a story book, so the characters come to life in 3D before the eyes of the reader, for a stunning and interactive experience.

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