Excitement as Robolab Launches Yanu, an AI-Controlled Bartender that Solves Crammed Nightclub Problems

It’s easy to blame a bartender for mixing the wrong cocktail, but no one can dispute the fact that being a bartender in a busy nightclub, on a Friday, is a stressful task. And only AI robots can pull that off seamlessly. Yeah, you heard that right – only AI robots, like Yanu.

Robolab, a European robotics startup, has designed a fully autonomous bartender named Yanu. Heavy turnover for bartending staff at busy airports and immense nightclubs is a big problem in the restaurant industry. The makers of the Yanu wanted to tackle this problem. Robolab, the bot’s inventor, has generated $1 million (911,000 Euros) in a week of pre-sale of Yanu Initial coin offering.

Given that we already have bionic bar robot bartenders, how is Yanu any different from other ‘dead’ robots?

A Couple of Things Yanu Does Better Than Bionic Bar Robot Bartenders

Yanu is a ‘fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients’ (Yanu.ai).

Unlike Yanu, bionic bar robot bartenders aren’t self-learning and according to Matthew Michaels, ‘The (bionic bar) robot bartender as it exists today is a novelty — not an effective alternative.’ 

People who’ve used bionic bars complained about the lack of specifications and the high amount of time required to complete an order.

Reigniting the hope science fiction fans had in AI tech, Robolab invented a self-learning robotic bartender that has the capacity to complete 100 to 150 orders per hour while holding over 1800 drinks at a time. Yanu can use its self-learning algorithm to recognise a new customer, greet seamlessly, and also, remember an old one.

Besides its effectiveness, politeness and memory, ‘the robo-bartender…will cost around $150,000 a year, which is roughly the yearly salary (with taxes) of a good bartender in London’ (Fecnet 2018).

What’s Next for Robolab?

Its initial presale was a success and Robolab is not relenting. The Estonia-based startup hopes to raise more funds as time goes by.

Not everyone is a fan of the product. Some see Yanu as a threat to the service industry jobs. CEO and Co-Founder Alan Adojaan reacted in an interview with Digital trends, ‘There will always be nice bars, with friendly bartenders, who take time to talk to people’.

Points to note

  • The February 2019 presale of Yanu ICO was successful, as Robolab raised 911,000 EUR in just a week.
  • Yanu is a better alternative to bionic bar robot bartenders, since it’s controlled by AI tech, a more advanced computer algorithm. 
  • Robolab plans to raise more funds as time goes by. Investors willing to invest in Robolab may be given the opportunity to get onboard soon.
  • The official launch of Yanu is slated for December, 2019.

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