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In this category, we will be covering the startups throughout the world that are contributing to considerable change. As we grapple with climate change, innovation has become key in order for countries to meet the targets outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. These startups are seeking new ways to incorporate technology in the hopes of finding unique solutions to reducing carbon emissions, tran

OfNK Can Tell You How That Shopping Trip Affects the Planet

66% of the world population and 73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods,...

OXWASH Receives €1.6 Million Investment from Twitter CEO & More for Its Eco-Friendly Laundry Service

OXWASH is looking to revolutionise the washing industry. Its unique approach, which combines next-generation cleaning and logistics...

Alwe: How Solaga’s Art Piece Uses Algae to Clean the Air in Your Home

Germany-based startup Solaga is looking to clean the air in people’s homes. Founded in 2017, its main...

Solaire Box Accrues €1.4 Million for Expanded Construction of its Eco-Friendly Wooden Houses

A place of calm in a chaotic world. French startup Solaire Box has announced an investment of...

Planetly Raises €5.2 Million in Bid to Help Companies Become Carbon Neutral

Planetly has raised €5.2 million as part of its seed financing round. The Berlin-based startup aims to...

Plantix & Taranis: How Machine Learning Can Solve Food Scarcity

Every year, 30% of the global agricultural harvest is lost due to pests and plant diseases. Luckily, startups of the world are coming up with innovative solutions to this global crisis.

Sulapac & Bloom: Can Plants Solve Our Plastic Problem?

A race to come up with a material that is as versatile and cost-effective as plastic, with the necessary addition of biodegradability, is underway. Here we explore the technology of Sulapac and Bloom Biorenewables, two companies innovating on traditional plastic.

Sky Ocean Ventures Offers €1.1M to Tackle Plastic Waste Issue

Plastic waste has been an issue that endangers marine life for years. Therefore, the British media company...

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