CoDesign Factory Introduces a New Form of Cooperation

Corporates, for many they represent resentful places that devour creativity and spontaneity. Large corporations often struggle with modernization and addressing the younger generation. As a result, company loyalty from millennials’ is almost non-existent. Furthermore, one out of every two millennial is likely to change jobs after two years.

It is common that there are young people in the decision-making positions in marketing departments who understand the needs of their peers. However, these people are needed in other departments as well where digitization and transformation processes can be outdated.

The Berlin-based startup CoDesign Factory aims to show those companies how to become more attractive as an employer for the younger generation which can quickly solve tasks of any kind and how to keep their brand up to date. CoDesign Factory, therefore, put together a team of talented individuals with various skills sets to help companies with any task.

Social Media Starts, Founders And Experts in One Team

The founders of CoDesign Factory have a vast network of experts from various backgrounds. Experts who have knowledge and answers to many questions. These experts were frustrated by the obsolete processes in corporations, but just did not know how to approach them in order to offer their help.

CoDesign Factory aims to gather experts and influencers from various backgrounds and let them work together to tackle a specific issue in a company. According to one of the founders, Aya Jaff, in Germany problems are usually solved by asking one person or one specific team in a company. They want to take a more holistic approach in the problem solving process and incorporate people from various backgrounds.

About The Founders

The company is fairly young, but the founders have made their footprint in the startup world long before. One of the founders, Aya Jaff, has been very active in the startup scene and knew many people who had the solutions SMes and corporations were often facing. They just did not know how to approach them. That’s when CoDesign Factory was born. Here are the great minds behind the idea:

Aya Jeff also known as Mrs. “Code”

She has been programming since she was 15 and co-founded an online stock exchange game tradity. Later, while studying business informatics, she worked for Hyperloop in California. In 2018, she became one of the founders of CoDesign factory.

Viktoria Delius-Trillsch

Viktoria Delius-Trillsch is the co-owner of the Hamburg financial event agency rehblau and organises the Private Banking Congress. Coming from a family with a long tradition in the textile business, Delius-Trillsch has since a young age been thinking about various development opportunities. She has extensive experience in finance, insurance, publishing and the consumer goods industry.

Diana Zur Löwen

The only 23 year-old Diana Zur Löwen studied business administration in Cologne and is one of Germany’s most popular YouTube stars. With her videos about fashion, beauty and sports she inspires more than half a million subscribers via her channel.

Hauke Schwiezer

Entrepreneur and youth promoter, Hauke Schweizer is the co-founder & Managing Director of STARTUP TEENS. It is an online platform in Germany that teaches young people how to think entrepreneurially.

For more details, check out their website or Facebook.

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