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Meet the World’s Smallest Sleep Wearable | Startup TV

Meet the World’s Smallest Sleep Wearable

Oura Ring provides daily feedback to improve health, helps better understand personal rest patterns and optimize well-being.

  • Oura Ring lets users track body input to understand sleep and activity patterns 24/7
  • Infrared LEDs and body temperature sensors record heart rate, movement, and sleep cycles
  • App condenses data into simple timelines and graphs, making it easy to track progress and identify goals

Technology company Oura Ring introduced a new feature to its sleep-tracking device, allowing users to view the impact of meditation and illustrate the link between mind and body. The new feature called Moment now provides personalized results to see timely effects of meditation on sleep and body health.

Moment is one of the many features the Finland-based tech company includes in the Oura Ring, a practical ring and adjacent app that provides quantified results on sleep patterns 24/7.

Technology Towards Mindfulness

Oura Ring combines three forms of body monitoring technology to track activity fluctuations throughout the day.

First, NTC body temperature sensors record body temperature every minute to establish cycle readings when the user is active or resting. Infrared LEDs measure blood volume pulse directly from the palmar arteries of the finger, and 3D accelerometer and gyroscope detects amplitude and intensity of body movement.

The Oura app provides a condensed reading of the users daily timeline, tracking sleep and readiness data in easy to read graphs.

Provides trend views of daily, weekly, and monthly activity, identifying progress rhythms or disturbances. The app displays digestible data, making it easy to pinpoint areas of work or goals met.

About Oura Ring

Oura Ring is a Finland-based company focused on providing daily feedback on sleep and activity patterns. Fashioned in the form of a discreet ring, the gadget and app help guide users to their goals through intelligent, data driven plans. By providing sleep, readiness, and activity scores, Oura Ring hopes to help users understand personal body patterns and optimize well-being.

Co-founder and president Petteri Lahtela hopes the product will enable users to focus on the importance of balance between quality rest and daily activity.

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