to Provide Private and Secure In-Home Deliveries with AR/VR

  • Historically, in-home deliveries lack privacy and safety.
  • As a result, ensures safe and secure in-home deliveries based on AR/VR.
  • It detects anomalies and suspicious movements with real-time tracking.

The growth of in-home deliveries brings new challenges to privacy and safety. is trying to make in-home deliveries free of all concerns. Aims to Resolve In-Home Delivery Pain Points

Overall, the U.K. has one of the largest eCommerce markets. Online retail is growing by double digits with eCommerce revenue increasing by 12.75% to reach €540 billion. Over time, the huge growth of eCommerce has brought in the convenience of in-home deliveries. 

However, this new convenience brings in new challenges. Namely, how can customers receive deliveries when they are not at home? Going to pick-up points can take up time, and there can be wait-in lines. Most people don’t want to let strangers enter their home. 

How Provides Safe and Secure Deliveries

So, has come up with an AR/VR-based Courier Suit System to provide secure and private in-home deliveries. The Courier Suit system uses privacy goggles, LIDAR sensors, depth cameras, motion tracking suits and an AI-powered system to supervise the entire delivery. In case the delivery personnel makes any suspicious movements, the algorithms detect them in real-time. 

The company will pay insurance fees like AirBnB for any violation of private space. Detects Anomalies and Violations

When delivery personnel arrives at the door, they put on a helmet, and a VR headset that has a light scanner on top. Conveniently, homeowners can remotely unlock their smart lock doors and track every movement of the delivery person. 

“SuperDelivery wants to make the life of its customers easier and simpler, without risking your safety or privacy.”

Further, the privacy goggles restrict the view of the delivery person and display only an abstract 3D model of the home. By design, their job is only to keep the package at the target area and leave the house and notify the homeowner to lock the door. So, the process protects privacy, the company claims, without consent. 

“The delivery boy puts on the smart suit with VR and scanner….the suit creates a real-time 3D model of your home…every private and valuable object in your home is concealed to the delivery boy,” said CEO of Homeowners can also meet the delivery person virtually to provide guidance. 

Who Is Behind the Idea?

Founded in Budapest, is run by six co-owners with extensive experience in IoT and ML. 

“What we have in mind is to develop our own logistics service,” the CEO said in a recent interview. The primary objective remains to help offer safe and private in-home deliveries, even in your absence, which is currently missing from home deliveries. 

For more details, check out their website here.

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